Atlanta Moonlite H4

Past Muckity Muck

November 12, 2018
Too Limp Clover & Tits Don't Fit

Hash Info

Time: 7pm meet for 7:25pm start

Start: Stratford Pub, 17 N Avondale Rd, Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Hares: Too Limp Clover & Tits Don't Fit

Cost: $1

Special Info From Hares: Cumeth the hour, cumeth the ... rain? But fear not, for we are dauntless, and there shall be trail. Oh yes. There. Shall. Be. Trail! I said, good DAY, sir! In fact, not just any trail, but we have a cunning plan. We are long overdue to revive our World Record attempt on the Beer Mile. We were SO close the last time. I mean, to barfing, not the world record. Also, only one hasher managed to get lost doing laps the last time, so it's weather-friendly. Hounds shall be escorted on foot to the scene of the World Record assault. Please don't answer any questions from the press until the after the event. We must remain focused, and aloof. Equipment (beer) will be on-scene, provided by the hares to ensure compliance and uniformity of shenanigans. Winners and losers will then meander to the end via as scenic a route as the heavens allow. On-On!

What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, hash bag etc...

Directions to the Start: 17 N Avondale Rd, Avondale Estates, GA 30002

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