Atlanta Moonlite H4

Hash Trashes


Hash Trash for 1041

If Pussy Pilot had been there, he might have said after hearing the Hare Lies at the Start: "it has the potential to be the best of trails, and the potential to be the worst of trails". That said, he would have run it, and liked it, though probably giving the Hare a rule 6. For letting the Pack beat him to the next MARTA station.

It was a good crowd, gathered at the Home Depot on Sidney Marcus. Fucking Bring Your Own Bottle was the Hare. Lick Hole Ah his mystery co-recy Hare, and secret Sweep. FBYOB gave a chalk talk, and instructions as to which MARTA train to get on. The Red Line to Lenox, the Green Line to No No trail. Or was it the Green Line to...?

The Hare ran out, the Pack 5 minutes, the Walkers in circles at the Start. Finally a decision was made by Sanitary Not!, and the Walkers drove to the On-In, to do their 3 miles from there. Leaving Ballerina Booty Boy as the sole Bimbo. Then, an interesting thing happened. As B3 was about to drive off, the Hare returned and jumped into his own car. He said he could beat the train traveling from Brookhaven to Lenox. "Riiiiiight!"

B3 arrived at the On-In, Panchos' on Buford Hwy. Seeing no one else there, he got most of the bags up to the patio, doing so in several trips up the back stairway. Only to learn that Down Where It's Wetter and 3 Strokes N Yer Done had been there the entire time. A very thick tree in the middle of the patio blocked all's view of each other, and no one knew the others were there, till B3 rounded the tree carrying bags. And while we're on the subject, what the hell do those guys stuff in there? It took all of Down's strength to carry ONE bag, that even B3 had problems with. SMH "Hashers!" :)

Well, 3 and Down helped with the remainder of the bags, just as Mrs Robinson arrived, followed by World Wide Whacker Dot Cum. Within 10 minutes of their arrival, a small Pack of shortcutting Hounds arrived. They said they had arrived at Lenox, with the rest of the Pack, and not finding any trail, ran to the On-In. The rest of the Pack spread out and checked for trail. Finding none, as they ran back towards Lenox, they saw the Hare running in the distance, laying trail as he went. Luckily for them, that saved them from the waist to overhead deep water, part of trail. Which if they had run back to Lenox, would have had to do. They still got to do the ankle deep creek. At some point or MARTA station, Lawrence Of A Labia joined up, and helped FBYOB to lay the last bit of trail.

Turned out, to no one's surprise, that the train carrying the Pack, beat the Hare to Lenox, getting there before he did. A few felt that he should have just ridden the train up there. Him in one car, ready to run; the Pack in another, ready to give chase. Whether they'd give him another 5 at Lenox, is a good question. :) Still, trail was well marked, and liked by the Pack.

Walkers: Sani, Just Mike, 24 Hour Cum Shower, House Of Boobs, Poop Noodle-formerly of Peach Fuzz H3, Augusta, now a metro Atlanta Hasher. 3 bailed to talk to Down.

Car: Down, Mrs, Dot Cum. Always Cums First biked 15 miles from Cobb Co, only to be kept from doing trail, due to a flat tire.

Shortcutters: Davey Crochet, Chew Chew My Caboose, Wild Brown Yonder, Canadian Bacon, Piggy's Bitch, Erector Sex, Tranny, and Lick.

Trail Pack: Oops! I Crapped In My Pants, Cockpit, Vegetative State, Safety Scissor Fister, Double Suck, Stupid Is As Stupid Does, 1stXers: Just Konnie and Just Met-who wore a T at the Start labeled "BIMBO", Fucking A+, Lance Ballstrong, Virgin Just Burton, Easy Head Job, and Deliveries In The Rear.
~Ballerina Booty Boy