Atlanta Moonlite H4

Hash Trashes


Hash Trash for 1048

The Start was at the Tarjay, on Druid Hills Rd. Maximum Assposure's planned prelube didn't work out, as the Tin Roof Cantina was-closed! (That place is never closed). I didn't see any "out of business" signs, so my fingers are crossed. One thing for sure, that wasn't where the End would be.

Max had volunteered at last minute, saving the Pack from having to lay a straw Hash. He was already sweating when I arrived, so I figured a last minute recy, till he told me where the End was, The Rusty Nail, on Buford Hwy. From which he had left his suv, and had run to the Start.

The Pack gathered, and among them was our sole Virgin, Just Andrea. Max had made her come, she was the office manager at his company. He had wooed her, and would be leaving her, to run on her own. Sanitary Not! announced otherwise, telling the Pack not to lose her. Everyone understood, including our Visitor, Dickie Wong, from the New Orleans Voodoo Hash, who was nice enough to warn her "don't follow me, I tend to wander". That night's Pack included: Hung Jury, Smirnoff Trail, Can't Fuck This, Long Cut Dong, waaay too long-Grope On, Square Peg-Wrong Hole, Skittle Jizz, and Don't Ask Don't Tell. Slippery When Wet showed up briefly, in the hopes that non-attending Wrong Jeremy might show up with lost and found items, from PH3. She left for home after the Pack ran out.

Max ran out, to lay a live trail, with a BS. The Pack 5 minutes later. I Bimboed, and went to the End. About 40 minutes later Max arrived. Car Hasher Mrs Robinson showed up, having stopped by the Start for the End Directions. Smirnoff shortly after, saying the CB that Max had laid had gotten fucked up, and she went back to the Start. Max began to wonder where everyone was, and was teched by Just Andrea. Apparently the Pack was only a half mile from the Start, no one able to find trail. Max solved the CB, and told her where to find trail. Finally, around 90 minutes into trail, more Car Hashers arrived: Sani, Square, Hung, and Just Andrea. Minutes later runners: Grope, Can't, Long, Don't, and Skittle came in.

Turned out, that in a nearby cemetery, Max had laid a CB19. His 18th mark was before a small mound, the 19th mark just after. He thought the Pack would run to the top of the mound, stop, and look for the next mark from there. Instead, the Pack kept running, down off the mound, and over the CB, obliterating the number. Not finding any more marks, they came back, and thought the now obliterated number was 6, not 19. So, they ran around in the poison ivy laden woods, looking for trail, not knowing Max had gone nowhere near there. Once Just Andrea had given them the real CB number, they found trail, and continued on. Trail went east from the Start, then over Druid Hills, down a subdivision road rage, into the Elwyn John Wildlife Park, then Kittredge Park, over Clifton Rd, behind Loehmann's Plaza-where the BS was, into the office park adjacent to it, over I-85 on Druid Hills, to Buford and The Rusty Nail. Trail was about 3+ miles. The Car Hashers that had continued on trail, had gone as far as the BS, then returned to the Start.

Trail comments were mixed, but with smiles, laughter, and appreciation of a last minute laid trail, "Shitty Trail" was sung. Max volunteered to lay another next week, promising that it would be a recyed trail. As for Dickie, we never saw him again. Despite clearly visible trail marks leading away from the BS, he told the Pack he had spotted some blue arrows, and would be following them. Max ran by the Start, and Dickie's van was gone. I later contacted Swamp Gravy, who in turn contacted Dickie, and said he was fine.
~Ballerina Booty Boy