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Hash Trash for 1063

1-26-15 Long Cut Dong

Well, when Sanitary Not! walked in to the On-In, she proclaimed Long Cut Dong, the best Hare ever. Guess there's no need to write a Trash.

Ahhh, but what the hell. The Start was at the Boulevard side of Grant Park. It was efffing freezing and a bit windy. A small Pack gathered, for the dead trail laid by Long Cut. That night was special, as there was a B/A/W (beer/ale/wine) Stop, and two Virgins had come out. Just Dan, who made himself come; and Just Tom, who Mr Fucking Bring Your Own Bottle made come. The Pack included Sani, Midget Fluffer, the 2 Virgins, Fucking, and 3 Strokes N Yer Done.

The Hare had laid a runner's and a walker's trail, and who did which, I haven't a clue, since both merged together at times. But, there was a BS, behind the Harper Station restaurant, at Memorial and Bill Kennedy Way. The Hare, and Bimbo, Ballerina Booty Boy, deceptively parked their vehicles in the front of the parking lot, away from trail. The BS was behind the restaurant property, down the beltline. That didn't fool Just Dan, Midget, and Fucking, who followed trail to the BS. But, it might have Sani, 3 Strokes, and Just Tom. They veered off trail, walked past the vehicles, and deep into the parking lot, which was surrounded by an eight foot, chain link fence. Thankfully Long Cut spotted them, before they went too far, and directed them around.

From there, trail led to the Krog Street Market. A rather wide spaced, hipster market, with a 48 tap bar, a package store, and restaurants that closed just as the Pack arrived. Seriously, this is Atlanta, the hipster section of the city, and the restaurants closed at 8:30pm. WTF? Well, at least the bar was open, with 58 beers that the Scribe had never heard of, and he had been a Beermeister. But the lone tap of hard cider was out, and the craft brewed ginger ale was $2.

So, after one round of quality beer, and a ginger ale, the Pack packed up and headed out. For 97 Estoria, by way of car Hashing. And there was much rejoicing, they drank for hours, drinking beer, wine, and cider. They ate like Vikings, with horns on their heads!

Turned out Just Dan hadn't made himself come, Stiff Pisser had. Apparently they shared the love of haggis, kilts, whiskey, and Robert Burns the poet. According to Just Dan, Stiff had been whispering "come Hashing" for some time, but had been unable to come himself that night. Just Tom was a college friend of Fucking, and had heard the seductive call from him. Both said they had had a good time. Ballerina Ruled 6 Long Cut, for driving off from the Start, and leaving the BS cooler behind. Trail was well liked, and very well marked. It was roughly 3.3 miles long.

Looks like Maximum Asspoe has some competition now, as to who can bring the best selection of wine, to Moon Light. :)
~Ballerina Booty Boy