Atlanta Moonlite H4

Hash Trashes


Hash Trash for 1064

Well 3 Strokes N Yer Done certainly lucked out. On the way to the Start, Ballerina and Diaper Dan made a quick stop at 97 Estoria, to see if an item she lost a week earlier, might be there. It was, and with her Rule 6 tucked away in B3's coat pocket, they continued on to the Start.There, because of the warm temperatures that night, roughly 32f, her Rule 6 was returned to her. Her down-down awaited her at the On-In.

The Start was just east of Maynard Terrace, on Memorial. Co-Hare Double Rub Her was on the injured list, so Sanitary Not! had Co-Hare Double Suck start the live-ish trail early. With a 20 minute cranium start, it was doubtful she would be snared, but ya never know. The Pack started to gather, with most wearing kilts, a few wearing tutus.In a first for his Hashing career, B3 wore a black, tulle tutu. It was 2-2-15 anyhow.

Rub Her did Bimbo duties, allowing B3 to pirouette off, and become a car Hasher. The Pack ran across the street, and immediately into shiggy. B3's trail informant reported later, that trail was 50/50 shiggy/road rage, and that Suck did a great job of using all the available shiggy there was. Not only that, there was a Shot Stop, a bottle of Fireball, left on a check. Diaper and Lawrence Of A Labia were hesitant to partake at first, till taste tester Sani walked up, and took a swig.

As luck it would have it, Suck did get snared,, by DHashingnd Lawrence. She had laid trail through the Pullman Rail Yard,, only to lose her bearings, and had to then backtrack. Just as she started to look for an exit off the yard, she was snared. Diaper did an "old school" snare, not touching her, just running up next to her; while Lawrence performed the "shots fired" maneuver. They then helped her find the exit out of the yard, and gave her 5 minutes. She ended at the Pullman Tavern in Kirkwood.

There, she put on one of two homemade tutus, that Rub Her had made for them both. Despite being FRBs for most of trail, Diaper and Lawrence were beaten in by Too Limp Clover and Long Cut Dong. Trail was about 3 miles.

In Circle, Long said he liked trail, and especially the "dead" body found in the rail yard. Which turned out to be a movie prop. All said trail was well laid, and Sani said she loved crawling around in the thick bamboo stand, Not! She recommended laying the same trail again, in the summer.

The Pack included: Virgin Just Kathy, Midget Fluffer, Hung Jury.

Rub Her's song for Suck getting snared:

"STOP! Don't touch me there, these are my no no squares! STOP! Don't touch me there, these squares I do not share! R A P E , get your penis out of me. Don't touch ME, no no don't touch ME."
~Ballerina Booty Boy