Atlanta Moonlite H4

Hash Trashes


Hash Trash for 1070

So, yes Easy Head Job, there was a Moon Light trail that Monday. Diaper Dan was the Hare. Chokes On It was the Bimbo. As the Pack gathered, Chokes passed out little cupcakes, that included in the ingredients, Guinness Stout, and homemade Bailey's Irish Cream.

The Start was the LA Fitness on Terril Mill Rd, just S of Delk Rd, in Marietta. Diaper laid an approximate 4 mile trail, consisting of a 50/50, shiggy/road rage. And creeks, lots and lots of creeks. The On-In was across the street at Los Bravos, on their back porch.

Double Rub Her took her first long run, just coming off the injured list. She and Spread Eagle did a route of their own, while everyone else did trail. By the sound of things, everything went well for Double, Spread, and the Pack doing trail.

Circle was held, and Diaper was congratulated for laying a good trail. Rule 6s: Busted for attempting to 6 Lick Hole Ah, as she had rolled up her tights to keep them dry while crossing a creek, but then had tripped and stumbled in as she waded across; instead, he received the 6, for not being chivalrous and going to her aid; Royal Fuck somehow being the only one to step into the deep part of one creek, and having to swim across it; Primer, DADT, for being too longs; Always for using port-a-potty on trail.

The other Bimbo: B3

The Pack: Sanitary Not!, Breastroke, Always Come First, Hung Jury, Primer, Busted Cherry, Lick Hole Ah, Royal Fuck, Super Sissy Trophy Wife, Stupid Is As Stupid Does, Don't Ask Don't Tell, 1st Xer Ankles To Earlobes, Faster Than A Semen Bullet, Easy Head Job, 3 Strokes N Yer Done, Midget Fluffer, Yoron Weed, Press 2 For Puta, Show Uranus, MISTER Fucking Bring Your Bottle.

After the Hash had broken up, and most had left, Chokes and B3 met with a Hasher, Dildo Shaggins from DC H3. She had been eating with friends at a table adjacent to where the Kennel had been sitting, keeping incognito the whole time. She hadn't planned on being at the restaurant at the same time, it had been the "magic of coincidence". She was passing through, moving to Florida. Her mother, a local resident, and Hasher, stopped by minutes later to pick her up. Her name was Romancing The Johnson. Small world, isn't it.
~Ballerina Booty Boy