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Hash Trash for 1078

Straw Hash 5-11-15

I thought I had the inside scoop. I was visiting House Of Boobs, dropping some donated leather items to be auctioned off for charity. Before I left for the On-In, she relayed to the me its location, the Righteous Room off Johnson Ferry.

So I went there, only to find no one. I teched Davey Crochet and Sanitary Not! and learned it had been changed to the Wing Stop, on Buford Hwy. Which Was 2 seconds from House's home, and which I had passed going to the R/Room. Still appreciated, House texted me the new On-In location as well.

It was a straw Hash that night, with Too Limp Clover getting the short end of the stick, er, straw. Knight Stalker's "sin" was that he arrived to the Start last, and so he was volunteered to Hare as well.

From what I understand, there were no snares. Trail was almost all road rage. There was one small section of shiggy, that spit the Hares back out when they tried running through it. Good trail apparently,no one got lost, and everyone was in fairly quickly. Mister Fucking Bring Your Own Bottle was the last to arrive, having played his cards right. He had been late enough to miss being chosen to be a Hare, but early enough to get in before the food was handed out. Besides myself, Busted Cherry, House, and Robin Red Breast all vehicle Hashed to the End.

That night, the Pack consisted of: Sani, Davey, Chew Chew My Caboose, Penis Cillan, Press 2 For Puta and his Virgin: Just Andrea, Penis Williams, Hung Jury, Piggy's Bitch and Canadian Bacon, and their 15 day old spawn and unofficial Virgin: Just Asher. Just Asher made his debut in a three wheel stroller, but for reasons unknown, the proud parents didn't want this trail to be his coming out trail.

Circle was held, trail was complimented. Penis drank for being a too long, and when one Penis drinks, all Penises drink. Penis was also Rule 6d for taking an awful lot of left turns, away from where trail went, with Sani noting "don't worry, he'll be back". I got the Pack to scream in terror and shouting "No! Noooooo!" when I stood up, turned around, and pretended to drop my drawers during "why were they born so beautiful..." Ya think people would know by now, but, it did add to the horror, and Just Andrea's look of "WTF?" :)
~Ballerina Booty Boy