Atlanta Moonlite H4

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Hash Trash for 1079

5-18-15 Well, it wasn't looking good for the Hare. It had already poured twice that day. Even though the sun had peered out after each downpour, the clouds were gathering again, and thunder was heard in the distance.

I arrived at the Start, and Chew Chew My Caboose looked less like a Hare, and more like someone about to take it easy. "He must have laid a dead trail" I said to myself. His partner, Davey Crochet however, looked as if he was ready to lay a trail. Turned out he was, with Sanitary Not! as his coHare. Chew Chew confessed that Black Sheep's trail the day prior had worn him out, and he didn't feel up to laying a trail Monday night. So, at last minute he got Davey to volunteer to lay the trail for him. Well, it was Chew Chew's Birthday, what better present than have your partner lay the trail for you. Wanker!

Sani and Davey walked off, roughly 30 minutes before the Pack was supposed to run out. Considering the normal head start was 5 minutes, and the Pack was asked to give them an additional 25+, it would be an interesting "live" trail. Would the Hares be snared at all?

The Pack gathered, a mix of fast runners, and slow walkers. I took a photo of them, taking care that the one Hound who wished to stay out of the photo, was. Though I did suggest that for at least one group shot, they appear with a paper bag over their head. I thought it was funny, they didn't. Sigh!

The Pack ran out, from the Start, a cinema parking lot in Sandy Springs. They ran across the street, past some fine shiggy, with real potential to add some flavor to a trail in the future. I waited with Chew Chew and Chokes On It for a few minutes, when Busted Cherry came riding in. I left in my SUV, as he was parking, with the intention of car Hashing trail. Why run, when you can drive?

Trail was well laid, with large, easy to see flour blobs, thrown on the sidewalks and telephone poles. Trail went first across a school property, out across the road to a sidewalk. There was a check, to which true trail then headed N, then turning into an office building's parking lot. Across the lot, up a short bank, where I took a photo of Busted keeping it classy. "Moons" for the camera are always welcome. Trail crossed another street, on which on the other side was another check. Busted running trail saw it had been kicked to the E; since I was driving, I had to travel W from the intersection to see it, then continue going W till I could turn around. While doing a trail by car is fun, you don't have option of turning on a dime, when trail changes course. Besides, I was surprised, the check was on the edge of the Arlington Cemetery, a 122 acre property we had run through before. I thought for sure trail would have run through it. Instead the Hares did another 2.5 miles of road rage, including a half mile stretch of Roswell Rd, where it is a looong uphill. The Hares laughed about that later in Circle, but then, with their 30 minute head start, and 4-5 checks, they were able to take their time. The Pack not, so much, especially since none of them came close to snaring the Hares, despite their best efforts. :) However, the Hares also revealed in Circle, all the devious and mucky places Chew Chew had originally planned to run through. It was then the Pack realized a looong uphill was so bad after all.

The On-In was the Sandy Springs Mellow Mushroom, and the cops were there when the Pack arrived. Not for us though, it was their shift's meal break. We assumed our usual spot in the corner, and then learned to our horror that MM no longer offered cheap pitchers of PBR. Waaah! However, some made due with a few pitchers of Drafty Kilt, and all was well.

Davey and Sani received thumbs up for their 3.3 miles trail. The birthday boy, Chew Chew got "him, him, fuck him..." And volunteered to lay trail two weeks from then. Just as Circle ended, MISTER Fucking Bring Your Own Bottle ran in, having arrived late, and doing most of trail.

The Pack included: Penis Cillan, Hung Jury, FRBs Too Limp Clover and Knight Stalker, FBI: Breastroke, Midget Fluffer, Diaper Dan, Lawn Cut Dong, and Spread Eagle.
~Ballerina Booty Boy