Atlanta Moonlite H4

Hash Trashes


Hash Trash for 1114

It was a c-c-c-cold night, but of course, since I wasn’t going to do trail, it didn’t matter. I already had walked a little bit in the river park, and though I had been bundled up, I was still c-c-c-cold. I figured I’d stay warm, and wait for the Pack to finish, at the On-In. So I was surprised when I decided “oh what the hell”, and did part of Fuckeye’s dead trail.

The Start, and On-In was at Keegan’s Pub in Vinings. A small Pack gathered, and after a pep talk given by Fuckeye was given, they ran off. Sanitary Not! left for the direction of Keegan’s. I cornered Oops! I Crapped In My Pants for a quick photo, before he ran off. I then followed, doing my best 60 minute mile. Trail went down the trolley path, marked by chalk. There was an on-over, that crossed Log Cabin Rd, and trail went into a townhome complex. At that point I lost trail, not seeing another mark. The Hare however, in his pep talk, had made mention of laying through an abandoned African American community that was nearby. Knowing where that was, I continued on, going back out on a public road, and found true trail. As I walked further on, I heard “RUs?” behind me, to which I answered “on-on!” Late comers Diaper Dan and Knight Stalker (aka The Blur) ran up and passed me. I walked on, and over the RR tracks, that led to the old A-A community.

Trail went to the right, and though I didn’t have a flashlight, the moon was out, and I easily saw the flour blobs on the road. Trail led down to a kicked check, which pointed into the woods. I went in, and stumbled around a bit looking for trail. Though the moonlight provided good illumination, the contrast between light and shadows made things difficult to distinguish what was what. Eventually I found two strips of TP, but after that, nothing. Knowing better, I turned around and headed back. And got lost going back the way I thought I had come. After stumbling around for a bit more, I found the trail back to the check. Though I had only walked a short distance in the woods, I was exhausted. Despite the chill, I layed down for a bit, then got up, and doubled back the way I had come. I made it to Keegan’s in just over an hour. My best time yet so far, a 40 minute mile. Midget Fluffer walked out, stating everyone else had been in about 20 minutes. Trail for them had been about 4 miles. It had gone further south from where I had turned around. They had crossed over Woodland Brook, the RR tracks again, then back up Log Cabin.

I know I had fun, the Pack too apparently. It was a good trail, just next time I’ll need to get back into the habit of carrying a light. Trail got a thumbs up by everyone there.

The Pack also included: Dude-No Insertion, No Child Left In My Behind, and special visitor and too long: Stiff Upper Clit. Bunny Banger and Hot Pocket car Hashed to the On-In. Yassir Creamer was there, in his guise of trivia announcer.
~Ballerina Booty Boy